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Time Invested

From the purchase of my plans  until the day of launch was Seven Months.

Actual Time invested by my records was 21 - 8 hour days...  Rounded up for slop call it 23 days.
Days working on The Trailer were not counted as Boat Work!



  • 3/8"s Drill - for small holes and Phillips Head attached for screws

  • 1/2" Milwaukee for the Big Boy Drilling

  • Box of assorted Drill Bits

  •  9" Circular Sander (borrowed) and 3 1/2" Belt Sander

  • Skil Saw - required

  • Milwaukee Sawzall

  • Block Plane or Electric Plane - purchased for this project

  • Chop Saw - very handy, but, not necessary

  • Various and Sundry Phillips and Screw Drivers

  • 20 (more or less) C-Clamps or other type Clamps - provide an
    'extra' hand and to hold panels and etc. while Epoxy (glue) dries

  • Dremel Tool - not require, but, very handy

  • 1/2", 3/4" or 1" chisel... one, not necessarily all

  • Ratchet Wrench - 3/8" drive, sockets and an extension

  • Crescent Wrenches - 6" and 9" - one or the other will due

  • Box and Open End Wrenches - up to 3/4" - 3/4" probably not necessary

  • Hammer

  • Pry Bar


Material List

I should note here that the material list I used from my plans, wasn't completely accurate.   I would
suggest, here, that the same is probably true of My List.  Use it as a Base and buy any short-fall as needed. 
I purchased my materials at Lowes as it was closer than Home Depot.  I used Standard & Better Lumber
that I hand-picked from the racks...  My Bolts & Nuts and Screws were all Stainless Steel.  The Screws were
neither screw or phillips heads, but, used a square drive that were ordered from and sent to me by
Jeff @ Spira International who also supplied my plans.

Actual Material List

  • 6 - 4X8 Sheets of 1/2" AC Plywood - I fell short here... I had to buy an Extra
    Sheet - I also miss-cut another and had to Replace it...
    Actual Use = 7 pc 1/2" AC - You can always pick-up shortages, later...

  • 6 - 20' 1"X3" Fir - I actually strayed from the plans, here, and used heavier sticks
    Chine Log, Shear Clamp and Rub Rail - hand pick for no knots...

  • 18' - 2X6 Fir - for the Keel - Hand Pick as Clear of Knots as Possible 
    Strength is important, here...

  • 48 - 10X24X3.25" Stainless Steel flat head Bolts, Nuts and Washers - Buy these
    from your Plan Supplier but, make sure of your Lumber's Dimensions to size
    these right.  I had to repurchase my Bolts & Nuts...

  • 6 Dozen 10X2" Stainless Steel Wood Screws... these were sent by Jeff and were
    Square Drive.  I had to purchase a box of inch and a half stainless for screwing
    my Plywood Panels to the Ribs...

  • 2 Gallons Epoxy - Gluing Ribs together and Gluing Panels to Ribs.  I actually
    ended up buying 6 Gallons of this product before my Boat Project was
    completed.  I used it to coat all surfaces on the inside of The Boat and I used
    it to Fiberglass the Bottom and Sides, too...

John Greer & Associates

I Love this Product and Recommend it HIGHLY

  • 2" Wide Fiberglass Tape -  I would buy this as needed - I used it to cover 'ALL'
    my seams before Fiberglassing the entire Outside of my Boat. Purchased Locally...

  • Fiberglass Cloth - As necessary to 'Glass' your Boat.  Initially, I wasn't going to
    glass my boat, but, eventually decided that it was the Best Option - I believe I
    used approximately 110' of 3' wide cloth.  I had a roll of 6 oz. in my Shop. 
    I rounded that out with 4 oz. that I purchase locally.  I used 2 layers of cloth on
    the bottom and one on the sides and stern. I overlapped all seams and corners,

  • I used plastic spread putty knives and spreaders to apply my Epoxy. 
    Blade Widths from 2", 3", 12" - It would all be a matter of your preference...
    maybe, you like Paint Brushes - I didn't prefer them...

  • Gloves - Latex Gloves to keep the epoxy and/or paint/glue off...

  • Respirator - I didn't use either of these... Gloves interfere with my working
    (personal problem) and so do Respirators.  Luckily, the product from John
    @ AeroMarine is NonToxic!!

  • Oars - I purchased my oars from John @ Island Oars on Vancouver Island
    up in Canada.  Nice Oars!!!

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Plans  - $59
Materials  -    $1691


Nuts & Bolts
Fiberglass Cloth
Oars  - $485
Oar Locks
Oar Sockets
Marine Paint  - $390
Miscellaneous  - $100
Totals  - $2725
Additional Costs:
Trailer  - Includes Rebuild $370
Motor  - 25HP

10yrs ago

$1200 - $1500  (as I recall)

I dealt with all of my Suppliers On-Line, E-Mails and/or by Telephone.  I had No Problems with any of these Folks and can not understand any reticence to do Business-by-Computer as long as the People are checked-out and aren't unscrupulous. 

These Costs I've listed are approximately what I paid.  These can be modified as you see fit.  For example, I would probably use a Good Quality, Oil Base House Paint instead of the Marine Paint I used.  It's entirely too expensive.  All repainting of my Orange Boat will be with oil base house paint.  Oars may be found cheaper... or perhaps, you'll only use a motor... or vica-versa.  Anyway, you should get the picture.

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