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Delta 22-580
13" Finishing Planer

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4.8 out of 5 stars Links
 4.8 out of 5 stars






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Delta 22-580 13"
Finishing Planer

Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars

  • 2-Speed feed rate system for rough and finishing stock removal

  • Patented cutterhead lock virtually eliminates snipe

  • Full range depth stop for any thickness from 1/8" to 6-12"

  • Blade zero indicator to set the cutterhead the exact thickness of material

  • Fastest and safest blade change system on the market

List Price: $760.00
Our Price: $449.99










From the Manufacturer

Finally, a planer that allows you to remove rough stock quickly and finish stock to an ultra smooth finish. It's 2-speed material feed rate system has a dimensioning speed of 60 cuts per inch (CPI) that allows for quick rough stock removal and a finishing speed of 90 cuts per inch (CPI) for an ultra smooth finish on the final pass. The redesigned full range depth stop allows for accurate, repeatable thickness at any dimension across the entire 1/8" to 6-1/2" height range. With the easy-to-use, oversized cutter head height handle that moves in standard measurements of 1 revolution equaling a 1/16" change in cutterhead height and the patented cutter head lock it is easier than ever to get accurate cuts without the aggravation of snipe. If the dimension of the board is unknown the blade zero indicator can set the cutter head to the exact thickness of the material and then can accurately remove material in standard increments from there. Of course what is a Delta planer without the fastest and safest blade change system on the market. The open cutter head design allows for maximum visibility and since the blade magnet and cutter head wrench are both stored on-board physical blade contact can be virtually eliminated. When it is time to replace the high speed M2 steel, double edged reversible knives, index pins on the cutter head allow for quick and accurate blade installation and ensure both blades are in the proper position for superior cut. Combine all of these features with the convenience of a top view depth scale, oversized chrome in-feed and out-feed tables and an optional 4" left or right reversible dust chute and you can see why this is one of the best machines on the market. Since it is backed by Delta's 2-year limited warranty you can be sure it will be smooth cutting for a long time in the future.


5 out of 5 stars
This is a wonderful planer!
February 3, 2002

Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Bremerton, WA

I've read so many reviews on this machine and the take I have is that a lot of reviewers that are expecting a $1500 planer for $450. It just don't work that way. I've only had the Delta planer for a few weeks and this is the first one I've owned. I am very happy with it. It will be more than I'll need for a long time. It feels solid and well built. It also is very well thought out. All controls are easy to access. The back of the outfeed table has a cord wrap to keep the cord out of the way when it is not in use. My planer was setup perfect. I really didn't have to make any adjustments at all. I know this isn't a very technical review, but I thought I would give a new woodworkers point of view.


4 out of 5 stars
A very good machine
January 21, 2002

Reviewer: Jim Allen from Knoxville, GA

I have machined many boards with one of these (from yellow pine & eastern red cedar to oak & cherry). The slower speed makes a very good clean and smooth surface. The softer the wood the smoother the suface. I use it for making small tables, desks, and other furnature for gifts in a very small shop. The extensions are great. Snipe control is very good. Changing blades took some getting used to but was no big deal. There were very few small problems out of the box. One of the extensions was bent a little (returned it for a replacement). A couple of screws were missing (1 phone call took care of that). Honestly there is only thing that kept this from 5 stars from me. There is a very slight difference in the thickness from side to side. Not enough to really make any problems with what I do with it. It's everything I expect out of a portable planer. A VERY GOOD MACHINE !