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from a boat project

I would imagine that 'maybe' one out of 100 people (heck, maybe-even 1/1000) who visit this site 'might' actually
build-a-boat!  My project was quite rewarding, in and of itself!  This would be discounting the launching and
actual use of our boat.   The project became the object of the endeavor... for my kids, it was what Dad did when
he wasn't 'working'.  I believe that the Object Lesson, for My Girls was My Real Reward from The Build-a-Boat 
Project!  And for My Friends, they were always inquiring as to the status of The Boat Project. 

I had looked for the perfect boat for more than several years.  Costs were a factor, but, nothing I found
in magazines and boat yards approached what I had in my 'mind's eye.'  The Project taxed my patience, at
times and my skills as a Carpenter and a Craftsman.  There were tools I purchased to facilitate certain aspects
of the project and there were times that I had to 'wing-it' as some aspects were not explained by the plans! 
In other words... Situation Normal!

This is not to say that this Build-a-Boat-at-Home is for the uninitiated.  If someone with no experience took
on this project, I'm sure that they could complete it with no small amount of dedication and perseverance.
Some reference, such as this webpage, would be of practical benefit.  That is one purpose of these pages.

I would recommend that whomever tries the Boat Project, get the plans and instructions, finds a 'space' to work
that is large enough and out-of-the-way enough, and will purchase the tools help the project flow more easily.
I'll be listing the tools I used and a material's list on a separate page.  I've included a good estimate
of my costs, there, too!

I've kept a 'rough' record of The Time To Build The Boat.  My records indicate that it took me 21 days of
actual work... this would be roughly 8 hour days.  I've added 2 more days for GP (general principles), so,
if you're keeping track, you could call it 23 days.  However, you should also note from my Home Page
that for
establishing a Time-Line, I purchased the plans on July 20th, 2005 and picked-up the wood and
some of the hardware from Lowes on August 2nd, 2005.  We launched
on February 25th, 2006 at near to
4:30-5:00 in the PM.  Which was away too late in the day, but, I need that sucker in the water! 
Launch - City of Refuge - Big Island - Hawaii - February 25th, 2006 - 4:30-5:00 PM

At the end of the project you'll find yourself tying up about a dozen 'Loose-Ends'!  Which is what we were
involved in on Launch Day.  We were wiring Trailer Lights... two of us, my buddy Fred helped, and we
put near to 4 hours cobbling them together from odds-'n-ends of lights from other trailers I've owned. 
By the time they were up-and-working (approx. 3:00 PM) I was determined that we would launch, anyway!

There are still odds-'n-ends that need to be fine tuned, but, I don't like being tied down by the minutia...
i.e. the seat for my third rowing station, devising safety lines to keep from losing the oars, rod holders
to secure fishing poles for trolling and etcetera...

As long as I'm sure that my basic systems are SAFE, I'll be launching the Boat from now on and letting
the fine-tuning proceed at a more relaxed schedule... which is what the Orange Boat's is all about!

Karl Schaupp
March 9th, 2006



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