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As I stated on Page 5, I'm still awaiting the Delivery of my Epoxy Package so that I may complete the
Epoxying of the boat interior, for protection, and painting the entire boat to prevent degradation of
the Epoxy by the exposure to the sun...
I'm quite tempted to just go ahead and finish the project and get the boat in the water and wrap up the
Epoxing later, when the package is finally delivered.


Problem Found... Problem Solved

We found out The Problem, today, by calling John over to AreoMarine Products.  He owns the Company
that sends me the Epoxy.  It turns out that my package was still sitting in the Post Office where he shipped it!
They never shipped it because it was 'leaking'... but, why didn't they notify AreoMarin???  'They' said that they
didn't know how to notify him...?? Duh... There's a Return Address on most all Packages, as I recall!!  Just
another example of Post Office Mentality!  I'm not pleased, but, I could be sitting here until a year from now,
waiting for the Product that would never arrive!  By the by... the Epoxy Package should be here in one week!
Here's Hoping!

More Trials and Trivialations

As an 'Aside'...  My Tent Structure had been failing in small increments and I hadn't mentioned it...
However, yesterday I suffered the most 'Catastrophic' Blow Down of the Tent, yet.  The Legs blew off... 
The ridge fell off... The lines to the Tarps broke and tangled... In other words, the whole thing was in a heap. 
Of course, having no Epoxy to work the Boat I could afford the time to repair the structure... and I did...

Excepting the Big Blow Down Reoccurred and I've decided to prevent any more in the future by disassembling
the structure!


Sooo... Rather than being stymied by rash of events, my buddy and I rolled
The Boat over and I'll proceed to 'Outfit' it, now.

I'll proceed with some 1X3 bracing, seating and the oar station placement,
today... December 20th/05.


Bracing in and 1st coat of Epoxy on
the Interior of the Boat.
December 26th/05



Ahhh....  Finally, The Painting is Done!

The Paint... Page 7




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