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At this stage I've completed two, overlapping layers of Fiberglass Cloth...
The first of 6 oz. and the second of 4 oz. cloth.  More tarps for my workspace
to ward off unexpected rain.


I took some time and went to town to purchase the final parts to complete The Project.  Some 1X3 for Rub Rails
and Interior Bracing and Epoxy Paint...  The Paint ran me a painful $385!   And I forgot to get an Epoxy Filler
to trowel on and smooth out the rougher areas of glass before I paint.  However, there's still time as I
still have to 'glass' the sides.


This is the Results of Today's Effort... I've also determined that I'll be needing more Epoxy and a Filler
Compound, to smooth out the small defects before I paint.  So far, I've used almost Four Gallons of
Epoxy.  I just ordered 2 more gallons... and another gallon to mix with the Filler...  Now, to flip the other side
up and get it 'glassed... then, the stern.  That'll about be it for the fiberglassing.


OK...  This for those of you that are following this project...
I've finished the starboard side of the boat and the process looks just like the images above
(which is the 'port' side).  So, there is no real point in posting anything.  Now, I'm in a wait mode,
as I've ordered more Epoxy and I've been waiting for about 3 weeks for Delivery... I'm left to wonder
where it went...  Perhaps, it went East form San Diego and will come to me after passing thru Europe,
India, Indonesia and the Philippines!  I called the Shop Owner and it was shipped when he had promised!

If everything goes as I hope, I'll have The Boat finished in time for us to enjoy some 'water time' over
Christmas Break!!  However, until the product arrives, I'm 'Up a Creek'... I've got paddles, but, no Boat!

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