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OK... another Page sooner than I expected!  But, this makes Viewing easier for those of us on Dial-Up! 
If you have difficulty Viewing the Images, simply 'Right-Click' your Mouse...
Select and *Click* 'Show Picture' and wait for that image to come in.
Unfortunately, you should wait for each image to appear before proceeding to the next.
It's time consuming, I know... I have a dial-up and it takes 6-9 minutes 'per image'
to up-load these pages to The Web and considerable time to, then, View said work on The Web!

Remember, not only do I have to Build-a-Boat at Home, I've gotta Build-a-WebPage, too!


Also, Note the Continued Canopy Expansion...  We had a 'catastrophic' Blow-Down, twice this week.
Now, I'm trying to get 'The Girls' to Music Lessons, get these pages loaded
and get off this computer and back 'Outside' to The Boat Project!


I made it Outside to the Boat Project, finally... and got the Cloth laid-up
for the other half of the Bottom.  Note the various lengths of One-By Stock
that I use to hold the cloth 'somewhat' in place. Today, the Wind was coming
at the Project from every direction and would have blown completely off
had it not been held down!


I've wanted to lay-up multiple layers of cloth @ 
each stage, but, the wind has made me hold off. 
However, with the next layer, of two sheets, I may
just try this... I'd finish with the Bottom in one go!


Two layer of Glass were called for as Protection from Beach Landings. Since I've overlapped the first layer,
near the bow, I could probably quit.  Just the same, I'll continue with another layer of lighter cloth, as planned. 
The Final Layer I'll wrap further up each of the sides.  This will give me a good bond when I glass the sides.

If I'm Lucky... I'll get to this tomorrow!

As I close this page, for the evening, I hear the Patter of Rain Drops on our tin roof... this necessitates a rush
outside to root-out and extra tarp to cover up the stern of The Boat... the epoxy is still tacky and dislikes water!

On to Page 5 ~ Finish Glassing The Bottom & Sides




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