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Despite many adverse circumstances and conditions, I laid-down a couple of strips of fiberglass, the other day!    Not very much, you'll probably be disappointed...  But, for me it was a start!!!


I used what you see... No fancy rigs or anything like that! 
A Coffee Can, a Plastic Putty Knife what broke halfway
thru the job, some 2" Fiberglass Strips, a Wooden Stirrer
and the 2 Gallon Epoxy Kit.


What you see, is what is called for in the Plans...  Fiberglassing the bottom of the Boat is recommended as to prevent wear when 'beaching' said craft.  Fiberglassing the Joints with 2" strips is for added strength and, I imagine, to seal any leaks...


With the beginning of this Phase of the Project, Sun is the Enemy!!  Hence,
the addition of yet another tarp!  Also, note the similarity of the 'newest' 
tarp to a Sail...  This is the reason today's continuation of the Fiberglassing
Project was put on Hold.  Too Much Wind...


It should also, be noted here, more distractions than the Wind presented themselves, Today!  You'll note the headlamp of my 2 Ton Truck...  the Master Cylinder of which, gave up the ghost, this morning on the final leg of a delivery.  Thank goodness it died in our own yard... the Bad News is that it needs to be replaced and the Parts house won't order it until I come to the shop and Pay... they refuse to take my card over the phone.  So, this means two trips to Town and an Hour and a Half travel time each... One trip to Pay, the other to Pick-Up!  I'm also replacing a Bad Rotor @ the front brake...  This may turn out to be the largest problem as the rotor they supplied me with doesn't match the existing...

Build-a-Boat Interruptus!!!  I'm not a 'Happy Camper'!  This 'little' job is taking entirely too much time!!!


Finally... Back to the Boat!!  The Danged Truck Brake
Diversion and our Wedding Anniversary cost me near to a
week of Down Time. I got a good bit done, today, though.
Note the simplicity of the Set-Up and the old Battery.  I found
that the Battery has helped to steady the Project on it's Frame!
No more Rocking!


Builder's Note

As of today's progress (as in above image) I've got just over 11 work days invested in The Project.
I had hoped to work steadily on The Project, Start to Finish, but, it was not destined to be... 
I could really use a day on the water, as the Family all have the Day Off, tomorrow! 

I've purchased just about all my Parts... excepting for 4-18' 1X3s and some Seat Lumber.  I have all the
Fiberglass and Epoxy, but, also need to buy some Epoxy Paint, for when I finish up. 
Cost to Date is $1700

This would be for an 18', Row &/or Motor, Carolina Dory with 'almost' a 5' Beam. 

Move on to Glassing the Bottom




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