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Google Ads are Free for all users!  Use them to learn about what's available to complete this type project.

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I've broken the site up into several pages to expedite the loading of the Images. 
Especially for those of us who are still relegated to the Dial-Up Modem!

Sheeting of the Sides Completed

Start Measuring & Cutting Ply
for the Bottom


From the Inside


Bow Section
Glued and Screwed


We're Ready for Some Fiberglassing


~ Let The Fiberglass Begin ~


Now...Oars, as I stated above, I wanted the option of 'rowing' this boat,  thus, another on-line contact.  This businessman is located in Canada on Vancouver Island... probably about as isolated as the Big Island, where we live, maybe, more-so.   These images don't really reflect the workmanship that went into these oars.  You should really go to his site to see the true quality, involved. 

I had decided, beforehand to get two sets of oars as I have two daughters.  This provides the opportunity for everyone to be involved in the boat's operation.   I also spoke with the owner (a long distance, international call ~ my first!) and gained several  nuggets of additional information.  Two sets of oars... and three (3) stations!  This means that the second rowing position will have an option of being in, not one, but either of two additional stations.  Also, you will notice that the two sets of oars are of different lengths!




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OK... If you are interested in this Project, keep checking back as this page will Grow as this Boat progresses.
There is alot more information to be posted, this was done 'after hours', quickly.
There's much more information available...  Like...

  • Why I built this boat from 'wood'

  • Where to get your Wood and How to Choose it

  • What kind of Screws and Fittings to use and Where to Get Them

  • Where to get your Epoxy for Gluing-Up Your Ribs, Keel, Stern and Plywood Sheeting

  • Oars... I found a place that Makes Most Excellent Oars!

  • Fiberglassing... Why you might Want to Do it

  • Some Good On-Line Sites for Information, Parts and Personal Advice

  • Sites for Boat Plans that are 'easy' to Build

  • This Project was built with 'mostly' On-Line Contacts.  I'm quite pleased with the
    Progress and the Results

~ Let The Fiberglass Begin ~


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