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This had been a project that had been brewing for more than several years.  My Family and I live on the Big Island of 'Hawaii', in the Volcanic Hawaiian Island Chain.  Many products that are readily available on the Mainland can be virtually none existent, here.  Although, I've been looking for 'another' boat for a period of years, I've never found one that met the criteria that I established for the use I planned for it.  As time progressed, I didn't even care if I had to build it from wood!  Compromises... Compromises... Compromises!

If you have difficulty Viewing the Images, simply 'Right-Click' your Mouse... Select and *Click* 'Show Picture' and wait for that image to come in.  Unfortunately, you should wait for each image to appear before proceeding to the next. It's time consuming, I know... I have a dial-up and it takes 6-9 minutes 'per image' to load these pages, when building this site, and considerable time to, then, View my Work!

Not only will this include how 'I' built this Boat, it will also include the varied and sundry problems that arose distracting me from 'said' project!  As often as not, they are not even concerned with the Build-a-Boat Project, but, appear from outside it's realm!  Wish me luck!

My Layout Table
Yes... Sometimes You Work @ Nite
When You Have a Head of Steam!


I wanted a versatile boat that I could either row or mount that would take small engine.  I've watched the 'classified ads' for years, I've done internet searches, run thru the boat yards and checked out the Yacht Sale Yards... all to no avail.  I finally stopped by a boat builder's place, up the mountain from me...  who finally put me on the scent!  I explained what I wanted in a boat... and he suggested I look at the 'Carolina Dory'.  By the next day, I had ordered my plans and established an on-line relationship with the business owner of the site.

As a means of establishing a Time-Line, I purchased the plans on July 20th, 2005 and picked-up the wood and
some of the hardware from Lowes on August 2nd, 2005.


Who Needs a Workshop...
I Set-Up Under a Tarp!

Lumber Purchased @ Lowes
and Set on Saw Horses

Although I wanted a slightly smaller boat, with a V-Bottom, I made MORE compromises.  After all, it had taken years to get this far and I was close to what I wanted!  So, I went ahead with this project.  As the project moved ahead, other on-line sites were recommended for the products I'd be wanting.  Epoxy was on this list.

Epoxy was not available when I was a kid... and patching-up my surfboard.  I was thrilled with this product which I've used to glue boat parts together and for the initial coating of the wood.  Note the two gallon bottles of the 50-50 Marine Epoxy mix in the above image.  Another on-line contact with another small business owner who was helpful and appreciative of the business!

John Greer & Associates

Build-a-Frame to Hold Your Boat
While You Build It


All of this... including the 'Frame' to hold the boat is included in The Plans.  Although, I did find some discrepancies in The Plans... these could have been imagined and been 'User Error'! 

To date I've almost 11 days in this Build-a-Boat Project... Unfortunately, for me, I began this at the end Summer '05, hoping to work straight thru to completion.  This would allow some 'water time' with my Girls before school commenced.  This was not to be... My Time estimate for completion wasn't too bad, but, did not include what we will call here, 'Distractions'!!!  This will include trips to town for Life's Necessities, Doctor's Appointments, Sitting in Parking Lots with my Girls giving away puppies and so on and so forth...

Add a Few Ribs, a Keel...
and You Feel Like You're Getting Somewhere

Frames 'n Plywood Page



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